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Increase your Sales up to 30%



Would you like to increase your sales? You know you would, and with Checker Software you can do just that, Increase your sales by up to 30% and More! You don't subscribe to any web site and you don't pay for any ridiculous "Key Codes" all you do is install the software and print checks!




orange2.gif (326 bytes) With "CHECKER SOFTWARE" It's as easy as "Print & Deposit" orange2.gif (326 bytes)

With "Checker Software" you can now accept online check payments from your own web site instantly, and automatically!! "No merchant account needed, No credit check necessary" Just print the checks, and deposit them in your own personal or business checking account. This software is simple, easy to use, and 100% legal. Online checks are becoming a popular method of payment on the Internet, visit a few shopping sites on the net and you will see that almost all of them accept checks online. You may have already lost many sales from customers that do not have access to a credit card, or are not yet comfortable using them.

"Buy "CHECKER SOFTWARE" today, and accept checks online "Tomorrow"

"Here are just a few of the many benefits for using....


Customer signature "NOT" required

Verbal or written authorization accepted

No more waiting for checks in the mail

Same day "Immediate deposit"

Increase orders & profits with impulse sales

No more "COD" charges

No prior approval from banks needed

No credit checks necessary to use this system

Easy, fast entry on your computer

Print monthly drafts

Print checks on your laser or ink jet printer

No hidden cost or fees

Check paper available at any office supply store

Very affordable at only...................$14.95


"No registration required" &  "NO" Key codes to buy!

These checks you will print are "Completely Legal" Large companies have been using this software technology for years!! this software enables you to print the special "ABA"  (American Bankers Association ) Bank MICR characters, fonts, and routing numbers in the "Banking Format" assuring acceptance of your printed checks by your banking institution. you can deposit them the very same day!! "You do not need a special fax" "You do not need a special bank account" it only takes about 30 seconds to process each check, and your only expense is the cost of the paper!! only pennies per check, available at any office supply store. OFFICE MAX, OFFICE DEPOT, STAPLES, & the list goes on....

"Here's how it works"


Your customer gives you authorization and checking account information over the Phone, Fax, or Email, to purchase your products or services.


You input the customers information, you can then print the check immediately, or save the information and print a batch of checks later.


Deposit The Checks!! It's that simple!!

Use our "Secure Server" to place your order!

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