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Our research has shown that Foundations and Private grantors are the best source for the Free Cash you need, Guaranteed!

Especially individuals with bad credit history, like Bankruptcy, Late Payments, Estate Foreclosures, Repossessions, Child Support Nonpayment or judgments. The cash you need from the Prime Source, Guaranteed!

Are you tired of constantly being rejected by banks for the money you so badly need? Then why not try a "Private Foundation" Interest free cash grants from $500.00 and up to $50.000.000, No Collateral, No Cosigners, No Security Deposit, No Mortgages, No Credit Checks and No Pay Back!


Foundations give away Millions of dollars every year to individuals with the desire to start a business, expand a business, to purchase rental property or for General financial help to get you back on your feet. Most of them are nonprofit organizations dedicated to the betterment of society,and they have lots of Free Cash to Give Away, someone will receive this cash.....Why not you!



A foundation is exempt from income tax due to it's nonprofit status,and Private foundations have been giving out Free Cash Grants to people for over 100 years. We have compiled a Powerhouse list of 150 foundations and private grantors that provide Free Cash Grants, These foundations do not advertise their services.

Our "Exclusive Powerhouse List" of 150 foundations have been screened, and tested to be the best source for the Free Cash you need. All of the foundations on our list have agreed to review every request from our customers, and give every consideration to your needs.

Our Exclusive List of grantors will give you a huge advantage, most people will only be able to find 5-10 foundations that may be interested in helping them with the cash they need......You will have 150 Hand Picked Prime Source, tried and tested grantors willing to give you the Free Cash you need, just some of the categories include:

Foundation Grants for Small Business Startup

Foundation Grants for Small Business Expansion

Foundation Grants to Purchase Rental Property

Foundation Grants for Real Estate purchases

General Financial help for people in need

Medical, Dental and Nursing Care Needs

Financial Help for the Sick Destitute and the needy

Also Financial Aid for College, Trade Schools and More!

It's easy to find the Free Cash you need.....all you need to do is send a letter of intent to as many foundations that interest you, and wait for the reply. They will request more information from you like......Land location, Small business expenses, Medical or Dental information, College or Trade school location, Etc.

Compile the information requested, forward it to the grantor and wait for your check! Remember, this money is yours to keep.....You never pay this money back! it's Guilt Free Money!

Order your copy of the most sought after list in America, The Secret Free Cash Finder List.....The list that will put you on the road to financial independence, and well being. For only $19.95 you will receive our "Exclusive List" of 150 foundations that have been proven to give FREE Cash to individuals for a multitude of purposes.........


How-to apply for a Grant from a Foundation

Are you the Heir to Unclaimed Money or Property?

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How-to wipe out debts without bankruptcy

How-to borrow $15,000 dollars without collateral

How-to establish AAA credit in 45 days

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Don't delay.....Get the cash you need, and the respect you deserve!

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