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  Receive all the Cards you Want!
Guaranteed Approval!
Bad Credit No Credit No Problem!
Unsecured Visa & MasterCard!
Pre-Approved Merchant Cards!
Credit Limits up to $10,000
No Credit Checks! and No one will be Refused "Guaranteed"

Unsecured Visa's and MasterCard's are now available for people with Bad Credit, or No Credit at all. In the past, a secured credit card was the only way someone with questionable credit could get one, and this required a savings account as collateral which may be hard to come by for some. "But Today" there are several banks across the country that do not require a security deposit in order to obtain approval. This makes it "EASY" to qualify for and very "Affordable"

This credit card will help re-establish your GOOD CREDIT!!

"Use This Card As A Stepping Stone" to establish credit, and after a period of a few months, the banks will increase your credit limit. This is an excellent way to build a credit line, and enjoy the benefits of GOOD CREDIT...You will also receive pre-approved merchant credit cards worth up to $10,000 or More!

"Pre-Approved Merchant Cards Worth Up To $10,000

"Guaranteed Merchant Credit Cards" (No one refused!!!) These firms offer, "Pre-Approved" Instant credit with credit limits from $2,000 to $5,000 per card...No Qualifying" "No Credit Check" "No One Refused" you will receive an exclusive list of merchants that offer their own in-house credit cards, you will obtain "Instant Credit" and you can purchase $10,000 in brand name merchandise such as Computers, Household Goods, TV's VCR's Electronics, Clothes, General Merchandise, Tools, Toy's and the list goes on.

Absolutely no one will be refused!! in the "Credit Solutions Manual" you will also find out where to get credit cards with interest rates as low as 5.9% our list of over 35 banks offers the best deals on interest rates and annual fees. Most bank credit cards charge from 18% to 21% interest per year. Our exclusive list of banks offer the lowest interest rates in the nation. You can get a major bank credit card with introductory rates as low as 5.9% and standard rates in the 9.0% range.

The Credit Solutions Manual, will also show you how to receive "Mirco Loans" for your business.The Federal Government introduced a special loan called the "Micro Loan Program" which is designed to help applicants who cannot qualify for a traditional business loan because of poor or lack of credit and little or no collateral. These loans range from $100.00 to $25,000 and can be used for the purchase of furniture, fixtures, machinery, equipment, inventory, and working capital...if a little money can help you get your business started, then this is for you! this micro loan program is offered in every state and you will receive a listing of all 50 states, including (name of lender, address and phone number) Now is the time to start that business you've been thinking about! Give yourself the opportunity of a life time.

"Remember" Our one of a kind "Credit Solutions Manual features Current, Extensively researched data that discloses hidden credit card, and other financial opportunities!!! We track the banks and financial institutions to bring you the best deals in credit cards and provide you with a listing of these "EXCLUSIVE SOURCES"

This is just some of the Credit Help you will find in our Manual!
How and where to get a free credit report (and why you should do it)
How and where to obtain Pre-Approved instant credit.
How and where to obtain Visa & MasterCard with no security deposit.
How to repair your own credit (don't pay others $300 to $700 to do it)
Where to obtain the lowest interest rate credit cards.
Who offers credit cards with no annual fee.
Where to obtain a Visa/MasterCard that offers one free bonus miles
Secrets in helping you get approved for your card.
How and where to consolidate your debts to one lower payment.
A simple plan to build up your own credit rating.
The best way to receive multiple cards (10 or more)
Where to apply for Government assisted micro-loans for business.


"Now is the time to take charge of your future!! get the credit you need and "DESERVE" Remember we offer a 100% 30 day money back "Guarantee" if for any reason you are unhappy with your CREDIT SOLUTIONS MANUAL, simply return it for a full refund. No questions asked....It's that simple!! Order your copy today!!! New Lower Price!...Was $39.00 NOW ONLY $29.00....Book # CSM-101

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