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Update! Our Brand New Manual is Now 44 Pages in Hard Copy or PDF

Our exciting "New for 2003/ 44 page Manual" With exclusive updates and up to the minute listings! will show you how, and where to get the FREE Government Grants you need from the US Government, Private Foundations, or our exclusive list of "Private Grantors" Start that business you've always dreamed of, or use the money to "Pay off your old bills" and start with a clean slate, or finish your education! An educational grant can pay for most of your expenses, books, tuition, housing, food and more!

Our Brand New Manual also includes FREE Money for women entrepreneurs! These programs are structured to help women get the Funds you need to start or expand any business, you can receive up to 1 Million dollars to start or expand any small business. This is FREE Money you never pay back! Another program in our manual Guarantees up to $150,000 to women entrepreneurs at only 1% interest! and No credit checks or background history is ever required! This is a brand new program just months old.

The programs for minorities are phenomenal! If you're a minority, there is an absolute Cash Bonanza waiting for you! the programs are set up to aid minorities in Business ventures, Housing, Purchasing rental property, living expenses,General financial help,Travel expenses,College tuition, and more! Much More!

Everyday ordinary people receive Millions of dollars annually! There are literally thousands of programs, State, Federal and Private ready to give you the money you need to start or expand any business, Invent a product, or to fund your research, purchase rental property, Pay past due bills, Old debts or Finish school....Even Trade Schools. "Make Your Dreams A Reality" and totally change your life!


True Facts About FREE Money!

Over 20 Million people get FREE Government grants every year
1 Million entrepreneurs Get FREE Money to start or expand any business
4 Million people get FREE Money to invest in, and purchase real estate
6 Million people get FREE Money to go to college or trade schools
and over 10,000,000 people get FREE Money to assist in every day living expenses and training for a better job!

Just Some of the FREE Money programs Include:

Over $100,000 to open a Bed and Breakfast

Over $30,000 to attend College in Hawaii
Over $100,000 to Start a Day Care Center
Over $80,000 to Restore an Old House
Over $60,000 to Start an Espresso or Coffee Shop

Over $40,000 to Become a Chef of your Choice, Plus Many More!

Think about this....."Hundreds of Thousands"  of Small Business Grant funds are given away annually, could you start a small Home Based Business with $50,000or maybe you need $100,000 or More! or how about $45,000 to pay off your old bills! or $250,000 for research and development!  a "Free Cash Grant" can be yours, and we can show you just how easy it is!

There are Hundreds of Government and State Agencies, Foundations, and Private grantors, that exist solely to Grant Free Money to well deserving people just like you, for almost any purpose you can think of.....WITH NO PAY BACK "EVER"  Yes! you read that right..... No pay back "EVER" 

Your Free Government Grant can be used for anything you desire and it's much easier to get than you might think. We even provide a service that will "Dramatically Increase your chances" Details will be mailed with your order! "Get your copy Today"

"Remember" Our Government is banking on your Financial Success, and it's in their best interest to make sure you Succeed!

Low surplus price of "ONLY" $14.95


"Priority Mail is available"

"But Wait" We're not done!!

as a "FREE GIFT" you will receive "5-of the "Hottest" Reports ever written"  With full Reprint & Resell rights Included.....

How to write and prepare your Grant Proposal
How to buy used federal property
How to buy anything from the Government dirt cheap
How to make money with your own News Letter
How to start a home based Import Export Business


"But Wait" we're still not done!!  As an "Extra Special" Bonus, You will also  receive 3 "HUGE MANUALS" (worth over $95.00 dollars) FREE!

"How to find work with the Federal Government"
"Guide to getting a Government job (24 pages)  
"Your Guide to Government  Auctions"


All of these Manuals are Indexed, Numbered, and Printable for easy reading, you will also receive full reprint & resell rights for all the FREE reports & FREE Manuals you receive with your order! The FREE bonuses alone could change your life in a Big Way!

Free Money from the U.S. Government  is a bargain at $14.95 and could be worth "Thousands of dollars" to you, and your family$$$

Only $14.95   "Priority Mail is available"   Book #GOV-505

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"Thank you Edwin"  "We just received our first "Cash Grant" We are going to expand our

day care center in our home,   The $28,000  will allow us  to remodel, and  add   the

extra space we have needed for quite some time...Thank you so much!

Hanna & Blair L. Everett, WA


Just a Quick note, at first I didn't think this would work....I was wrong!

My proposal was accepted, and I should have my money in about 30 days.

I asked for $15,000 and I was approved for $11,000 Thanks Man!

Byron K. Detroit MI


First I want to say Thank you for this opportunity....No one in the banking

industry wanted anything to do with me, or my Idea for a better "Garden Tool"

I sent 12-proposals and received 8 positive replies! Thank you for your Insight.

UPDATE: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I just received the best news of my

life! a check for $68,000 to develop my product. Again Thank you so much!

Thomas P. Ashland OR


Thank you for this wonderful Manual.  I was in "Tremendous" debt, I was unable

to keep up with the medical bills, and I was getting seriously behind in my

everyday expenses. I received a General Welfare Grant, and all of my medical

bills are now paid in full, I will also be receiving a monthly check to take care

of my living expenses!  Thank You so much! and keep up the good work.

Rita R. Walnut Creek, Ca


My wife told me this was just a waste of time and money, Boy was she wrong!

We sent off 4-Letters requesting $45,000 for the renovation of our boarding

house....We were happy to find out we were eligible for $110,000 and it's

absolutely FREE...I still can't believe it! Thank you for your wonderful manual.

Paula and Roger Carlsbad, CA

*All testimonials are on file, and unsolicited *  Thank you. The Money Market



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